I am so glad you visited this page. It means you are ready for change and looking for proof that I can help you.

Let me tell you a bit about my guiding principles to see if they resonate with you.*

I just want to be able to Give, Care, Help – and not be Depleted
Burnout, Compassion Fatigue… why is it that society’s leaders suffer so much? From entrepreneurs to politicians doctors and nurses to police officers, service professionals and volunteers, our world is built on giving. It is so important to resource yourself first and to understand how to build and maintain a mindset that allows you to be energized by your service to others. This needs to be true even when the client or patient is resistant, non-compliant, stubborn, habitual, belligerent, angry, ungrateful and the results never come.

“My Life Needs Better Writers”
If you have ever come out of a movie or play and made this statement, I have good news.

It Should be So Much Easier
White knuckling willpower to try to make changes in your busy life is crazy-talk. There is a way to deliberately, easily make change that involves the co-operation of the conscious and unconscious mind working together. This simple process should be taught in elementary school and yet many never discover how to easily implement mindset and habit change in their lives. Hint – it is logical, simple and fast. Most elegant solutions are, aren’t they?

I believe…

We all have a powerful message inside of us.

There are tools and processes anyone can use to discover their authentic message, add power to it, make it memorable and make it drive action and change.

To integrate change into your life or business you must first define/know your:

  • process
  • routine
  • strategy

Massive change is the result of installing a S.M.A.R.T. Goal into our future, then breaking that long term goal into landmarks and those landmarks into the tiny daily habits and weekly actions that cumulatively create massive results. (eg 3 cold calls a day, one presentation or speech or blog a week)

These tiny actions or “Slight Edge” actions, are very easy to do – the problem is they are even easier to put off ‘until tomorrow’.

Editing our processes and routines allows us to take a simple easy action that guarantees that change.

Accountability accelerates change.

What you measure, grows.

4% of your actions lead to 64% of your results.

Design and fine-tune that 4% through Slight Edge actions to power these up to maximum impact.

Scheduling new behaviours into our calendar and building in triggers in our environment also helps transform Slight Edge actions into habits.

Fear and complacency get in the way of consistent application of Slight Edge actions.

Repetition removes fear.

Mindfulness is an essential piece of management and leadership as it allows you to step back from an issue or opportunity and view it without emotion, from various perspectives.

Critical thinking is a simple skill and should be to evaluate all opportunities.

*If this page does not resonate with who you are and what support you are seeking, feel free to contact me to refer you to someone who does match your current need.

Cher’s CV


Cher’s Bio

(caution third person language ahead lol!)

Cher Cunningham is a leadership confidence coach working with dynamic community leaders to push aside their barriers and limits to see and achieve their brilliant, purpose-driven vision.  Cher is a board designated Master Results Coach, NLP Trainer and Hypnotist. She has been a website designer, online marketing consultant, college teacher, Toastmaster, TV host, Franchise business coach and town councillor. Distilling this experience and learning, Cher delivers a Holistic Coaching program. Her strong focus on community, connection and compassion resonates with heart-driven entrepreneurs, volunteers and leaders.

Through empowering, interactive workshops on sales, negotiation, presentation and motivation Cher helps participants install new skills and abilities at the unconscious and the process level.

Through ongoing coaching she facilitates vision and accountability while clearing out the road blocks that try to crop up in the “real world”. Cher’s unique ability is to listen to the deeper and more authentic message beneath the doubt and fear in her clients – identifying stuck emotions, broken strategies and false limits as well as uncovering the vision that sparks motivation & flow in their hearts and minds. Then, using techniques from the latest in neuroscience and mind-body modalities, creating breakthrough paradigm shifts in their mindset before engineering a program to achieve that purpose-filled vision.  The Breakthrough program is focused on pumping up vision, confidence, presence, and self-value and focuses on the unapologetic pursuit of achievement and impact.

Cher is the author of the upcoming book “Self-Coach – a Program for Powerful Purpose” due out January 2020. This multi-media book includes a full workbook plus companion meditation and hypnosis tracks as well as quarterly Momentum Planners that allow Self-Coaches to stay motivated, stay on track, and gain velocity in all aspects of their lives.