Imposter Syndrome – Strengths Focus, Power Positioning, NLP and Hypnosis Solution

Imposter Syndrome Clearing

A Holistic, Strengths-Based, Power-Positioning, NLP and Hypnosis Program to Move out of Imposter Syndrome and Back into Bold & Brilliant

Imposter Syndrome can make you feel like a child is running your business.
Imposter Syndrome got you stuck?

Imposter Syndrome can sabotage even the best of entrepreneurs. In fact, if you are a heart-based, high performer who is dedicated to providing powerful results… these characteristics may make you more susceptible, not less!

What is Imposter Syndrome??

Harvard Business Review says: Imposter syndrome can be defined as a collection of feelings of inadequacy that persist despite evident success. ‘Imposters’ suffer from chronic self-doubt and a sense of intellectual fraudulence that override any feelings of success or external proof of their competence.

Talent and ability have little to do with this secret sabateur. It is more related to habits of thinking, a deep unconscious sense of unworthiness (which we clear out totally in session two!) a lack of intentional focus on your strengths, undefined criteria, twisted definitions and limiting beliefs.

I have discovered that there are ten key factors that together create the perfect storm of Imposter Syndrome – that get you stuck and procrastinating instead of taking bold and inspiring action. In fact, expecting to not feel imposter syndrome, ever, at all – can freeze you when those sneaky imposter thoughts pop up.

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This 3-week program (we work to specific, measurable, observable, profound outcomes!) helps you finally clean up all of those factors. A multi-causal problem calls for a multi-prong solution!

The “Imposter Syndrome Clearing” Program is delivered one-on-one in person or on Zoom and takes you from Imposter Syndrome & Doubt to Bold & Confident.

It helps you make friends with your inner critic and your inner child so that you can even look forward to times when your goal is so big, so exciting… that Imposter Thoughts pop up and tell you “I am dreaming big enough!!” and then to take actions with the tools and techniques of intentional impact you gain during our work together.

Session One

We start with an intensive 90 minute intake. In this empowering session we uncover the gap between where you are now and where you want to be, all of the false limits holding you back, and the “ingredients” you are using to create imposter syndrome.. along with perfectionism, people pleasing etc – precisely how they show up for you.

For homework:
I design your hypnosis session to clear out those false limits during the next session and the strategies and empowering beliefs and habits we will build during the program;
You do a complete limiting beliefs and broken habits journal.

Session Two

This hypnotic cleanup session is incredible. We work with your inner child and inner critic to clear out old fears, triggers, false limits and inappropriate doubt once and for all. Once the garbage programming is cleared away, your natural brilliance shines through immediately.
This hypnosis session only requires a light trance – your unconscious mind just needs a bit of guidance and a simple solid process to release that baggage!
This will feel calm, comfortable and pretty fascinating for you. You may not even feel hypnotized and will be in total control and aware of everything. You will consciously be aware, and noticing, the profound shifts as you clean up childhood baggage and clear out false limits.

For homework:
I map out old habits and strategies that we want to reprogram together to deepen the ease with which you show up with a bias for wise and brilliant action.
You do a complete values and strengths profile that allows us to focus your brilliance where it truly belongs – on your authentic value.
You also journal on all of the realizations and inspiration that come shining through now that we have restored your natural brilliance.

Session Three

We revisit that original vision of success, in hypnosis, and see if it is big enough! With those old limits cleared out, you discover your real potential!
Let’s engineer your success based on that, shall we?!
Then we do a “10x Test” to imagine this out to its best result.
We identify your Power Positioning based on your strengths and values.

For Homework
You receive Worksheets and MP3s to continue the journey: meditation, hypnosis 
Clear anxiety, master your state, 

BONUS – 6 fifteen minute Laser Coaching sessions as needed over the following 6 months.