Mindful Entrepreneur Podcast

  • Waay Beyond SMART Goals with NLP Coaching Process
    Waaaay beyond SMART Goals How NeuroLinguistic Program installs the neurology to of change at the unconscious level. aka: the alchemy of clarity, positive language, brain programming, visualization and creating “memories” of the future. Grab the Worksheet to Design your Future Results.
  • Unlock your Potential in 2022?!
    Unlock Your Potential in 2022?! This is such a common desire that my clients bring up – they know they are not working “at their potential” and have been struggling to understand how to “unlock my potential”. Let’s use NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to uncover and activate the real meaning and start taking action. Resources mentioned… Read more: Unlock your Potential in 2022?!
  • Annual Planning… NOT New Year’s Resolutions
    Annual Business Planning The end of the year is a time when we naturally turn our thoughts to new goals. Let’s stop and look at the year just past first – celebrate the successes, search for the failures and understand where you really are. Then really ground yourself in the vision for your business as… Read more: Annual Planning… NOT New Year’s Resolutions
  • Overcoming Resistance in Your Business
    Resistance comes from you If there is inertia in your business – don’t look first to outside causes. There are a few likely sources that can create rapid momentum: Not having a concrete vision of Next-Level success – this is the key magnet that pulls you forward! Without this procrastination and indecision and busywork all… Read more: Overcoming Resistance in Your Business
  • You
    You are NOT Your _________ If you are feeling like your business owns you, like your thoughts and emotions control you, like you cannot escape your past history, then this episode is for you. Over-identification with anything – even the roles of spouse, parent, any title or label – can interfere with our ability to… Read more: You